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RASH Tech Scholarship

Rasheedat Ajibade partnered with Pluralcode Academy in Nigeria, to provide free tech skills and training to 60 indviduals across the country. She is also an ambassador of the company

RASH Scholarship Fund

I am celebrating my birthday this year, 2022, by supporting univeristy students in Nigeria with N10,000 each towards their tuition fees, exam registrations etc.

Modern Day Football Coaching Workshop

Rasheedat Ajibade partners with H&B Global Sports, as part of her efforts to give back to the Nigerian community, to sponsor a minimum of 3 grassroots coaches annually in the coaching workshop which holds in several parts of Nigeria.

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Stand Out With RASH

This is an annual campaign in collaboration with EaglesTracker Nigeria. It is focused on finding, promoting and rewarding the finest grassroots talent in Nigeria. Rasheedat Ajibade encourages youngsters to Stand Out both on and off the field.

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