PluralCode announces Rasheedat Ajibade as Brand Ambassador, Launches Scholarship fund

PluralCode announces Rasheedat Ajibade as Brand Ambassador, Launches Scholarship fund

Rasheedat Ajibade, a star for Atletico Madrid in Spain and the Super Falcons of Nigeria, has teamed up with Pluralcode Academy, a Nigerian tech company specializing in teaching entry-level tech skills to Nigerians via the RASHxPluralcode Tech Scholarship.

The partnership will see Ajibade serve as a brand ambassador for Pluralcode Academy, promoting its services and products throughout Nigeria.

Ajibade, who has captained the Super Falcons on several occasions is passionate about empowering Nigerian youth and helping them realize their potential, is excited to partner with Pluralcode Academy. The tech company's mission of providing entry-level tech skills aligns with Rasheedat’s belief that technology is the key to the future of Nigeria's economy and workforce.

Pluralcode Academy is equally excited to have RASH on board as a brand ambassador. The company believes that Ajibade's impressive achievements on the football pitch and her dedication to giving back to her community make her an ideal partner.

"Our commitment remains to empower young Africans through tech and education, and working with Rasheedat, we are in an even better position to make a remarkable impact. If you’re excited about learning a tech skill, you will love what we are trying to do," said Nduka Ugbade, the founder of Pluralcode.

As a brand ambassador, The Girl With The Blue Hair will be involved in a range of activities, including speaking engagements, social media campaigns, and community outreach initiatives.

"I am excited to partner with Pluralcode as they support my mission of empowering the Nigerian youth," said Ajibade. "Technology is transforming the world, and I believe that by giving young people the skills they need to succeed in the digital age, we can build a better future for Nigeria."

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